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A software tool to describe my life.

It creates one timeline from various digital sources: calendar appointments, completed tasks,sent and received emails, sport activity, social media posts, software development work, films watched, traditional diary.

It doesn't cover: unplanned activities (meeting someone, visiting a place), house work, repairs, reading books, unpublished projects, conversations, health, sleep, feelings, what other people did.

(since 2016)

Video player for artists based on the RaspberryPi mini computer.


in collaboration with Viktor Vejvoda

In June and July 2015, Viktor Vejvoda and I were broadcasting a live webcam stream from Viktor's studio in his institution Institute for Art and Architecture in Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (IAUZK/U), Berlin.


In 2015, I published all my notes online, specifically all the notes I made while working on my diploma work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.